End Times

The book of Revelations gives us a glimpse of the end of times. Exciting? Yes, for those who love the Lord and know Him in the forgiveness of sin. Scary? Yes, for the lost. Christ gave us, the saved, the commission to tell the lost about Him and His saving grace. The words of our Lord are in red.

The second coming of Christ announced: Only a few recognized Him as Lord when He came the first time. There will be no doubt on his second coming!

The advent of Christ: Christ came as a Lamb lead to slaughter the first time. His second coming will be as a Mighty Warrior!


Satan Bound:

Saints Resurrected:

Sinners Rebelling: You cannot win a battle against God!

Satan Doomed: Don't let Satan take you with him.

Sinners Judged: Please don't be here. Accept the free gift of salvation!

Descent of the New Jerusalem:

Description of the New Jerusalem: What a day that will be! Precious metals are just building materials in heaven.

Delights of the New Jerusalem:

Words of Comfort:

Words of Warning:

Closing Benediction: